Use Data, Save Electricity!

At the very beginning of my journey in the field of analytics, I thought of these intriguing question such as “Can analytics be used in social & environmental areas?”. I immediately encountered a possibility when I was switching off a stack of lights almost every morning in my hostel. Then I got this idea of Automation of such trivial yet significant activities.


I’ll explain my concept of saving electricity by using smart sensors & leveraging patterns with the help of data that is collected from electrical devices using sensors, controllers and transceivers.


Many of us don’t switch off devices such as lights, fans, washing machine, geysers, air conditioners etc when they are not in use.We just can’t say that people are careless about Environment. It just happens, everyone forgets. We know this famous quote.

“To Err is Human”

Sometimes we may be in hurry to catch that flight which costed us a month salary, sometimes we may have lost in thoughts thinking and planning about career while ironing clothes. Infinite possibilities are there for making errors.

Why not just automate all these stuff? with the increasing use of technology in daily life the possibilities are limitless. Let’s use the technology for saving our pocket and planet.



By now, everyone might have come across this famous quote at least once in their life “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”. It is obviously true and it’s high time to realize this and act. Else, situation will be out of our control.

How? Is it your next question? Here I would like to propose an obvious solution that is to use data from the electricity points. Already some devices are doing that? Yes, I know, but they are costly and limited for new installations. What about already installed ones? Think about people who had already made long term investments on these expensive devices! They are not going to scrap them for some additional benefits and install new ones. The analytics solution which I am proposing will help such already installed equipment to become smart.

This idea may sound simple, but I believe this has lot of potential to save billions of rupees and also use the available energy efficiently.

I am consciously ending this blog here because working principle of this idea is under study. I am sure some of you might have already come across this kind of Ideas/start-ups or anything which is related. I’d love to hear the details of same from you in the comments section below, it will be of great help to me personally and wonderful learning for community at large.